Total War Rebels in düzenledigi 2v2 turnuvasi

      Total War Rebels in düzenledigi 2v2 turnuvasi

      Arkadaslar TWR lideri Luculus bugün bana bir mesaj atmis ben offline iken.

      TWR 2v2 rome 2 turnuvasi düzenliyor ve davet ediyor. Mesajin orjinali söyle:

      Hello mate!

      We are happy to announce that TWR is hosting a Rome2TW 2vs2 tournament ,,Dawn of the New Age. It will be hosted on TWR official forum:

      We would be more than happy if members of your clan will join.
      Hope to see you there!

      -TWR- Danko:
      -TWR- M.C.M. :

      *There will be only 16 team slots* First come first serve

      There will be more tournaments to come with a big variety of formats.The presence of your great clan would be very much appreciated!

      Thank you!

      Katilmak isteyenler Luculusa benim selamimi söyleyebilir yada bu iki soruluyla konusabilir.
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