"First Empereor" Turnuvasi

      "First Empereor" Turnuvasi

      Arkadaslar ruslar ilk imparator turnuvasi düzenliyor. Turnuvaya kayit linki ve kurallarin linki asagida. Sizlerden güzel bir katilim yüzdesi bekliyorum arkadaslar. Bende katilacagim.

      Registration page twrome2.ru/en/forum/first-emperor…gistration.html

      Rules and list player page twrome2.ru/en/first-emperor-2.html

      Kurallar söyle:
      Tournament admin Evgenn + vacancy


      1st place - SSD disc, victorious banner and medal for you profile on our site

      2nd place - paid DLC for ROME II, victorious banner and medal for you profile on our site

      3rd place - victorious banner and medal for you profile on our site

      1. The objectives

      1.1 Tournament "FIRST EMPEROR" is held to generate interest in the community of players Total War in Russia and other countries, as well as to improve their skills.

      2. The format

      2.1 The tournament is held in two stages:

      1st group stage qualification (one each) matches two fights

      2nd stage of the final stage on the flight and matches up to 3 wins in the finals to 5, third-place match to 3 wins.

      2.2 On the basis of qualifications best 4 players in every 8-groups get to the finals.

      3. Dates and Registration

      3.1 To take part in the tournament, any player can has a licensed copy of the game and the Rome II, provided that he is not banned for twrome2.ru

      3.2 Registration is open from 17.09.2013 till 06.10.2013

      3.3 Start of the tournament and the beginning stages of qualification 7.10.2013 till 27.10.2013

      3.4 The final stage

      1/16 27.11 till 03.11

      1/8 03.11 till 10.11

      1/4 10.11 at 17.11

      semi-finals 17.11 to 24.11

      final 24.11 till 01.12

      4. Scoring at the stage of qualification

      4.1 For winning 3 points, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss

      4.2 with equal points places are arranged depending on the rating of "who won."

      In-game rules ROME II

      1. Settings match (the host)

      Treasury - big

      Maps: mappul, repeat maps banned

      Weather - norm

      Time of day - day

      The duration of the battle - 20 min.

      2. Selection of maps and factions

      The first map is selected from mappoll (vide infra), on the next fight map chooses the loser in the previous match, eliminating already played.

      The first selects the fraction of the attacking player (located above the grid), then the next fight first to choose the loser in the previous match and he also considered attacking. This is not to choose an identical fraction opponent in battle, all the fights in the game the player has to play different factions.

      Before every fight (except the final) players banned one by one (different) fractions that can not be selected for this fight. First banned one who chooses the second.
      For example in the grid above Julius lower mark, the first attack and selects fraction Julius. Mark banned first fraction to a fight, say Rome, Julius takes it chooses Sparta, and banned Egypt, Mark selects any faction except Rome (since it banned him), except Sparta (as it has already taken the opponent), and except for Egypt (because banned Julius).

      3. Limitations (all limits excluding the general)

      The maximum amount of very heavy infantry units cost over 700 - 4

      The maximum number of peak (copies) of the phalanges (except hoplites) - 5

      The maximum number of the same units - 6

      XA Cavalry maximum number - 5

      "Threading" units prohibited.

      Camping is prohibited on the hills more than 2 units, as well as in the woods more than a quarter of the total number of units, ambushes allowed.

      4. Map poll

       photo woc7_zps1187c360.png
      Warriors of Crom ile 8 sene...


      Haklısın Tuğcan... :thumbup:
      Lütfen bir arkadaş el atsada Türkçe okuyup anlasak..
      Sonra arkadaşlara yük oluyoruz...
      Ne halta bir sürü laf yazmışlar sanki sigorta poliçesi mübarek..alt tarafı turnuva kuralları yahu... hayret..
      Anlaşılır, basit yaz iş bitsin... neyse, moda böyle olsa gerek... :)

      Cinanin gurubu birazcik daha sansli ( ama sadece birazcik :) ) ama ordada 3 tane tanidigim cok iyi oyuncular var digerlerini pek duymadim

      darkm1nd IMP

      Артур IG


      AnafemA USSR


      Revo EoS


      Gladius IMP

       photo woc7_zps1187c360.png
      Warriors of Crom ile 8 sene...