the Pantheon of Heroes Clan League

      the Pantheon of Heroes Clan League

      Arkadaslar arcaniler Panteon kahramanlari ligini organize ediyorlar. TW nin önemli klanlarinin katilacagi bu tunruvaya lofaninda 1453 ünde katilmasini diliyorum. Katilmak isteyenler arkaniden helikeon u ekleyip konussunlar. Steam profili burda "" ""

      The Concept

      The Pantheon of Heroes Tournament is designed to bring the top Total War clans together in order to prove their valour. Those invited are deemed to be the elite Heroes of Total War, forming the Pillars on which the game's multiplayer community stands. This tournament is designed to single out the strongest and most flexible clans and it will be held on Rome 2 Total War as a continuous league. This is about what the best players can do with the current version of the game, using different factions and different tactics to secure their place as a true Total War Hero. It is also important to note that Prizes will often be awarded to the winners. The prizes will be announced in the registry thread.

      The Format

      The league is designed to be simple. In the case of 1v1 and 2v2 versions clans will be expected to enter 2 players/teams with 8 clans entering in order to create a round of 16. This is subject to change depending on interest in the tournament, the main aim would be to double this number. This will be best of three to the final which will be best of 5. The 3v3 and 4v4 versions will only require one team from each participating clan creating a round of 8 which will again be single elimination until the final which will be best of 3. Again this may change with the aim to double it.
      The League will run monthly. Beginning hopefully at the end of September as most clans will then have a decent enough grasp on the game to take part competitively. So essentially once a round starts it must be finished before the end of the month. Time limits on rounds will be enforced and people who don’t manage to play their game in time will be eliminated to make sure we finish in time to start the next month’s round.
      The winner will gain 3 points for his/her clan, 2nd place gains 2 points and 3rd place 1 point. There will be points granted also regarding the top 3 players on the BETA ladder.

      The Vision

      The aim for the future is to create a strong tie between the most prominent clans of the community along with Total War Network and other tournaments such as Holy Grail Wars and BETA. We aim to make players desire to be part of the clan system so that they can challenge at the top level and to improve our individual game-play by annually taking part in a tournament designed specifically so that all the top players may face each other for the glory of their clans.

      Entered Clans

      Latin Imperials
      Lusitani Legio
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      Warriors of Crom ile 8 sene...