Rome 2 Fall Cup

      Rome 2 Fall Cup


      You are invited to join Rome 2 Fall Cup, a prize-pooled 1-vs-1 tournament. The tournament has been created by a collaborative team from the TWCC, BETA Flash Tournaments, and the Holy Grail Wars.

      We want to raise $800 or more for the tournament prize. Tournaments on total war do not usually have such larger prizes, but we think the time has come to take competitive TW up a notch. We're asking for your support to make TW into the eSport it deserves to be.

      Please contribute to the fundraising effort at this link:
      The Rome 2 Fall Cup | Indiegogo

      Those who donate $10 or more will have access to early registration as well as other perks. For everyone else, open registration will begin on the 22nd of September at the Total War Clan Center.

      The Rules

      Our fundraising campaign will last 40 days, with the tournament scheduled to begin on the 18th of October. This should leave enough time for the metagame to stabilize, and for us to come up with a decent, balanced ruleset. Our fundraising campaign has started early to take advantage of the hype surrounding the release of Rome 2, but we have also given ourselves enough time to discover all the bugs, exploits, and imbalances that we shall have to deal with.

      If you want to report a bug, exploit, or overpowered unit/faction, please start a thread on our discussion forum. If you have any suggestions regarding the rules or format, let us know as well!

      Our Admin Team

      THROW IN!

      Prize-pooled tournaments will take Total War to the next level of competitive gaming. The fundraising campaign has raised almost half its target in just three days.

      We need your support to keep up the momentum!

      If you believe in TW as an eSport, help us make this the biggest prizepool ever!

      The Rome 2 Fall Cup | Indiegogo

      I would like to remind you guys, that registration for the Rome 2 Fall Cup is still open, and though officially you can only register to the reserve list, if we get 30-40 more people, we will eliminate the reserve list, and everyone will be able to play!

      However, this is not a give. Alternatively, you can still donate to the prizepool, and if you donate 10$ or more, you will get a guaranteed spot:

      Thank, you and have a nice day!