Yenı yamanın ıçeriği ( ıngılızce)

      Yenı yamanın ıçeriği ( ıngılızce)

      Alongside the Saints and Heroes DLC that's releasing today at some point, we're also issuing a title update for Total War: Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai.

      This update will bring a range of improvements, notably incorporating new AI changes. The AI in Total War games remains impossible to mod, but we do recognise that some players would like to have greater control over this aspect of the game in the future.

      In the meantime, in addition to many general fixes, we have made a number of AI code adjustments below, which we hope you find useful and entertaining.

      General fixes

      • Fixed cavalry exploit where players could engage infantry with minimal losses and cause unit to rout.

      • Fixed issue where blood would not appear on face and left arm of units in Blood Pack DLC.

      • Various audio fixes.

      • Correct banner is now shown by Tosa standard bearers.

      • Fixed morale bug that could cause the player's army to rout if a reinforcing army had enough Gatling guns.

      • Fixes for additional multiplayer campaign desync occurrences where identified.

      • Fixed graphical clipping issue with Shinsengumi’s cape.

      • Revolver Cavalry is now capped at 4 per army in multiplayer.

      • Hosts should now correctly leave a multiplayer campaign when client quits after a battle.

      • Fix for certain Daimyos portraits being stretched.

      • Saga's clan attributes should now be working correctly.

      • Pro-imperial clans should now be able to recruit Shogitai after changing allegiance.

      • Clan Development "Modern Rifles" and the trait gained from "French Military Mission" no longer affect artillery units.

      • Daimyo retainer's "British Naval Engineer", "British Railway Engineer", "Francois Leonce Verny" and "Inudstrialist" should now be working correctly.

      • Daimyo retainer's "Logistics" and "Scourge" should now correctly stack to provide a 15% replenishment rate.

      • Daimyo retainer "Over-ambitious mistress" should now have an effect on Daimyo honour.

      • Daimyo retainer "Sir Harry Smith Parkes" should now have a description attached.

      • Dilemma "Koyosha" now correctly decreases research rate, rather than increases research rate.

      • Various typographical fixes.

      • Event "Security Matters" should now have a relevant penalty.

      • Mission "Developing our potential" should now be correctly displayed when skipping the first cut-scene.

      Multiplayer cost balancing

      • Katana Hero units used to cost 1500 Koku, now cost 1300 Koku.
      • Yari Hero units used to cost 1100 Koku, now cost 1000 Koku.
      • Naginata Warrior Monk Hero units used to cost 1500 Koku, now cost 1300 Koku.
      • Bow Hero units used to cost 1400 Koku, now cost 1250 Koku.

      AI improvements

      • Naval AI will now repair damaged fleets in battle.

      • Improvements to AI defending to take into account distance and relative strength between AI and human units when selecting targets.

      • Improvements to AI defence when AI has missile superiority.

      • AI non-missile/cavalry units will now more frequently move through missile units defending the front line of a battlegroup if they are being charged by a player.

      • Further improvements made to reinforcing army AI to limit idle army behaviour.

      • Fixed issue where AI would occasionally send in single, unsupported units to attack the player. Units will now co-ordinate better and attack in larger numbers.

      • Other AI units will attack player-friendly units that are protecting the flanks of the AI’s primary target unit.
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